Railway Industrial and Technical Heritage

The most valuable railway complexes with a whole series of accompanying infrastructure facilities in Croatia were built for the most part from 1860 to 1914. Today, they are a source of rich industrial and technical heritage, but also a resource in dire need of identification, evaluation and protection and then revitalisation, conversion and harmonisation into new urban projects. By understanding the memorial value of the original railway facilities and the importance of this segment in the cultural and civilisation development, the Croatian Railway Museum has, since the very beginning of its activities, accepted the initiative as a driving force behind the expert evaluation of the historical characteristics of railway facilities and the process needed to protect them especially since its own exhibition set up was to have been realised in the historically characterised and protected location of the railway workshop in Zagreb's Trnje.
Thus, the Museum has taken part many times in public forums, round tables and expert symposiums organised with the task of sensitising experts in the field and the general public into recognising and preserving industrial heritage, particularly railway industrial heritage and the harmonisation of its most valuable and evaluated parts into modern agglomerations on the trail of solutions which are applied in European countries. In a series of public presentations and actualisations of the mentioned problems, we emphasise gatherings at which the Museum’s experts participated or organised themselves:
- Round table Railway Museum in Zagreb, organiser Centre for Culture and Education Zagreb, 1991
- First Croatian symposium on the transformation of the industrial heritage into the urban-landscape scenography, organised by the Society of Architects, Civil Engineers and Geodesists of Karlovac, Karlovac, 2000.
- Round table and presentation of collection of works from the First Croatian Symposium on Industrial Heritage A City for the 21st Century, organised by DAG Karlovac,  Zagreb, 2002
- Motivational forum Homeless Museums in Gredelj’s Halls?, organised by the Society of Art Historians, Zagreb 2003
- Cycle of lectures SOS for the Railway Industrial Heritage, organised by the Museum Documentation Centre and the Croatian Railway Museum, Zagreb 2006
- Round table on railway industrial heritage The Necessity for Recognition and Coexistence, organised by the Croatian Railway Museum, co-organised by the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Rijeka and the Association for the Promotion and Preservation of the Industrial Heritage of Rijeka Pro Torpedo, Rijeka, 2008
- Presentation of the collection of works The Necessity for Recognition and Coexistence, organised by the Croatian Railway Museum, Rijeka 2009.
- Commemorative exhibition From Workshop to Museum, organised by the Croatian Railway Museum, co-organised by TŽV Gredelj and the Club of Railway Model Constructors Zagreb, Zagreb, 2009
- Gathering of experts The Future of Zagreb’s Industrial Heritage, organised by the Museum of the City of Zagreb, Zagreb, 2010