Collection of technical documentation

The collection of technical documentation is a valuable collection of material archived in the Croatian Railway Museum. It contains a total of 2471 items dating from 1860 to 2004. The material began to be collated in 1991 when the Croatian Railway Museum was founded.
A significant part of the material comes from the legacy of Ivan Belavić, a retired railway employee, who during his lifetime collected documentation in regard to the history of railway traffic on the territory of Croatia. By studying these sources he was able to write the history of the railways quoting the mentioned documents as sources. His writings are kept in the Library of the Croatian Railway Museum.
The collection of technical documentation contains material of various creators. The major part represents material from HŽ’s predecessor, but there are documents of other provenances. Among these are the Imperial Royal Privileged Southern Railway Company, the Royal Hungarian State Railways (MÁV), the Ministry of Trade in Budapest, various shareholding societies of vicinal railways, the Head Office of the Austrian State Railways, the Military-Geographic Institute in Vienna, the Head Office of the SHS State Railways, the Ministry of Traffic in Belgrade, the Directorate of the State Railways Zagreb, Yugoslavian State Railways (Railways Head Office in Zagreb), Yugoslavian Railways (Head Office Zagreb), Military-Geographic Institute in Belgrade, Railway Transport Company Zagreb, Croatian Railways.
The collection includes various forms of documentation connected to the criteria of content and characteristics. Of the official business documentation, the major part consists of construction and production contracts and financial plans for constructing railway lines, decisions on the expropriation of land for line construction or other railway facilities, official reports on railway accidents, expert and technical reports by track designers.
A separate entirety is devoted to timetables.
The collection contains cartographic material, land registry plans and town plans, geographic and topographic maps, geological maps and maps of railway lines.
An integral part of the collection is formed by the drawings of railway vehicles and their parts, plans and drawings of railway lines (site maps, longitudinal profiles and cross-sections of railway lines, plans and site maps of railway stations and stops, drawings of station buildings and other workshops and track structures, railway housing buildings and designs of reconstructions of railway junctions and stations.
A special form of documentation on railway vehicles is made up of locomotive books in which all the data on a particular locomotive was registered including all the necessary repairs and changes done to the vehicle.