Collection of machines, devices, tools and equipment

The Collection of machines, devices, tools and equipment includes material which is connected to work processes within the railway system. Because of the large number of work areas which exist within this system, the material in the collection is varied and refers to the 20th Century. The collection contains 36 items a part of which is connected to track maintenance, a part to vehicle maintenance and a part to power supply installations and to SS devices.

The value of the collection is in the wealth of resources of the technical heritage with a material which is unique and which, due to the speed of technical and technological development, is practically unknown to the general public. Almost the entire material is kept in the storage space of the Croatian Railway Museum apart from the coaling crane which is installed in the fireroom in Moravice and the mechanical steam hammer which is located in the workshop for wagon maintenance in Moravice. Thus two of the exhibits are preserved in situ.