Collection of postcards

Up to now, 68 postcards have been collected from the period from 1899 to 2004. The collection contains postcards with various railway motifs, from railway stations (Benkovac, Cerna, Čakovec, Dalj, Glina, Karlovac, Lipik, Moravice, Osijek, Pakrac, Pleternica, Podravska Slatina, Pula, Sarvaš, Skrad, Slavonski Brod, Slavonska Požega, Split, Varaždin, Vinkovci, Zagreb Main Station), railway bridges (across the River Drava at Osijek), to other railway buildings (the Croatian Railways administrative building in Ulica Antuna Mihanovića in Zagreb). Also preserved are various postcards with city and tourist motifs (market place in Karlovac, mud baths in Topusko spa, the building of the Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb, panoramic views of Bakarac, Kumrovec, Slunj, Rastoke, Krk, Požega, Zagreb and Dubrovnik).
The collection is completely digitalised and available on the web pages of the Croatian State Archive and will soon be available on the web pages of the Croatian Railway Museum