Permanent exhibition


Biographical note on Vinkovci transport node  permanent exhibition

Vinkovci Railway Station

Open to visitors: Tuesdays from 9 to 11 a.m. (with the guidance of Pavo Božičević of the Association of HŽ Railway Pensioners Vinkovci), and on other days with prior notice to the Station Master - tel. 032/308-924

Entrance is free

Exhibition author and set up: Tamara Štefanac
Author of text: Helena Bunijevac
Proofreading: Ivan Marković
Translation: Elena Lalić and Bruna Šarić
Printing: Media 78
Expert associates: Pavo Božičević, Anto Zovkić, Miroslav Gagro, Emil Gubica, Milan Ivković, Željko Delač, Zdenko Fučkar, Milan Brkić, Vladimir Njegovan, Vesna Lipovac and Anton Pavić

This permanent exhibition is a retrospective of the establishment and activities of the railway system at the Vinkovci junction and broader area since 1878. An insight is gained through several segments which cover the building of the tracks and track facilities, traffic activities, train traction, SS devices, relations among railway workers through their organised activities in the fields of sports, cultural activities, social gatherings and activities outside the institution.
The exhibition was set up on the basis of a collection of 399 items which were collected in the period from 1994 to 2000 by members of the Association of HŽ Railway Pensioners Vinkovci who then donated their collection to the Croatian Railway Museum in 2011. The Museum processed the items and included them in the newly formed Vinkovci railway collection and in accordance with their own concept exhibited the collection in the former 2nd class waiting room of the Vinkovci railway station. The exhibition covers the period up to the Homeland War.
Among the valuable material several items stand out such as the track vehicles with mechanical drive (tricycles and track cars), mechanical signal and block devices, manual telephone exchange, signal lamps with candle (from the end of the 19th Century), carbide signal lamps, rulebook of public railway traffic on the territory of the Hungarian Holy Crown (1910), Timetable 1913, signal rulebooks from 1930 onwards, the Supervisory book of the Vinkovci station kept from 1918 to 1965, numerous photographs which record the important moments of the development of the Vinkovci junction, from its construction, overhaul, railway accidents, but also photographs of railway workers during their everyday activities.
The exhibition is completed with the material from the holdings of the Croatian Railway Museum, copies of postcards from the Vinkovci Town Museum, copies of documents from the National and University libraries in Zagreb, the Vinkovci Town Library and Reading-Room and the Specialised Library of HŽ Holding d.o.o. By setting up the exhibition in an authentic location at the railway station and fitting it into a previously thought out exterior exhibition, the town of Vinkovci obtained a valuable new product of cultural tourism which will contribute to supplementing primary and secondary school education, but also to the tourist offer of Eastern Slavonia, all the more because the exhibition is set up in two languages making it available to both domestic and foreign visitors.
The exhibition is a permanent one but the set up will change because items that are sensitive to microclimatic conditions will be replaced with other items or replicas.
Members of the Association of HŽ Railway Pensioners Vinkovci continue to remain close to the items they donated guiding visitors through the exhibition area.