General information

The Croatian Railway Museum (HŽM) is a specialized state-level technical museum, located in the city of Zagreb, at 47 Ulica grada Vukovara. It is listed in the Register of Museums and Galleries of the Republic of Croatia under the code reference 870.3:ZAG. Its activities are comprised of collecting, storing, protecting, and expert processing, as well as of organizing appropriate display of railway vehicles, machinery, devices, archive materials and other historically marked items connected with the beginnings and development of the railway system in Croatia since 1860 until today.

The Museum was founded in 1991 by the then Croatian Railway Undertaking (Hrvatsko željezničko poduzeće-HŽP), which was renamed Hrvatske željeznice at the beginning of 1992. Currently, the Croatian Railway Museum makes up one of organisational units within HŽ Infrastruktura d.o.o. (Croatian Railways Infrastructure Ltd.)
Since day one, the Croatian Railway Museum has been temporarily located in the southern part of the railway vehicles factory Gredelj d.o.o. It has been determined that HŽM should find its proper space within the workshop complex of TŽV Gredelj after relocation of factory production facilities.
Considering the fact HŽM still continues to operate on temporary premises, it does not have a permanent exhibition. A part of its material is on display outdoors within a technical park, where visitors can see 20 railway vehicles.
Further 15 steam locomotives have been set up for display at railway stations across Croatia, a museum trainset can be seen at the Mate Lovrak Culture Centre in Veliki Grđevac, a museum mail wagon has been set up at Zagreb Main Station, and the armoured trainset dating from the Croatian War of Independence is exhibited at the exhibition track of the Split shipyard.
The number of museum vehicles is not final because vehicle holdings are being expanded as individual series of vehicles are taken out of service.
Since the question of adequate premises has not been solved yet, the issues of vehicle storing and protection are causing many difficulties. Until now, 26 museum locomotives and two freight wagons have been preserved and partially renewed. A 1965 mail wagon was also restored, and a part of it was adapted for multimedia presentations, as well as was a part of other museum material.

In order to make up for a longstanding hindrance of not being able to communicate with the public in one's own exhibition space, exhibitions are mounted within railway facilities or spaces belonging to museums or galleries, occasional displays are organized, preparations are being made to publish of books and publications related to railway history in Croatia, and there is active participation in programmes connected with marking railway anniversaries and similar activities.
With reference to further development of HŽM, when basic requirements relating to exhibition space are met and a further gathering of an expert team takes place, museum activities will be able to expand more considerably in the direction of training and education science activities, cultural tourism and other preferred modern contents.