A unique heritage institution in the country for the preservation of the railway's past


The Croatian Railway Museum will be closed to visitors from September 24, 2018, due to construction works.

Das Kroatische Eisenbahnmuseum  ist ab   24.September  aufgrund von Baurbeiten geschlossen.

Le Musée des chemins de fer croate est fermé à partir du 24 septembre en raison de travaux de construction.

A journey through timetables

Timetable booklets have been printed for 177 years as publications intended for passengers in railway, maritime and road transport. Their basic informative character on the movement of vehicles has over time been significantly extended to encompass different informative tourist contents. They offer various information limited by precise, but abstract representation of journey times. A journey through timetables presents possible journeys throughout the 20th century, which are equally real, as well as imaginary, and at the same time it shows types of timetables, contents and possible informative readings.

Exhibition is opened on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10.00 to 14.00 and Thursday from 14.00 to 18.00. Visit us at Ulica grada Vukovara 47, Zagreb.



The Croatian Railway Museum is a specialised heritage institution dedicated to the preservation of historic traces of the railway system in Croatia and its technical and other artefacts. Thus, the Museum achieves its mission by collecting material exhibits, archived and documented material, by assessing and processing them, exhibiting and presenting them, by motivating the evaluation of facilities of the railway industrial heritage through educational activities and by taking part in realising cultural tourism projects. In accordance with the proclaimed principles of its activities, the Museum protects technically rare railway vehicles, machines, devices and equipment, original designs and documents and a profuse quantity of facts on the railway system.